What Are The Best Areas To Live In Las Vegas?

by Our Blogs 20 January 2023

So, you decided to move to Las Vegas. Then congratulations, you are genuinely making an excellent choice. Las Vegas, also known as the jewel of the American desert, is one of the most spectacular and diverse cities on the North American mainland. The personal growth opportunities you can find here are unparalleled in the American Southwest, and career advancement prospects await you at every turn.

You’re a family-oriented person, and for you, the essential things in town aren’t the casinos and entertainment opportunities but access to private schools and nature getaways with loved ones. Then you are probably scouting the market for the best areas to live in Las Vegas.

Are you instead a young person who, for the moment, wants to experience the city’s recognizable pleasures and its famous nightlife? Then perhaps for you, Las Vegas condos on the Strip are an excellent solution. Las Vegas is a complex and surprising place, but the city’s real estate market can be tricky to navigate for inexperienced people, which is why in the following article, we will try to list some of the prestigious neighborhoods of the Entertainment Capital of the world, and we will also look at how living close to the famous Las Vegas strip can be advantageous for a young person just starting in their career.

Where Can You Find the Best Areas to Live in Las Vegas?

It is challenging to accurately categorize which suburbs are the best in the city because the metrics used to determine these rankings can differ from person to person. After all, Las Vegas is home to 375 constituent neighborhoods, the city being surprisingly dense for a population of less than 1 million, so opinions might differ. A family with young children is likely to primarily appreciate access to quality education and top-notch public infrastructure. In contrast, a single young person is probably more interested in the prospect of nearby jobs and entertainment opportunities. But when we try to make a top list of the best neighborhoods in the city, a few names constantly come up, representing the city’s most famous and exclusive residential complexes.

To begin with, we couldn’t talk about the best areas to live in Las Vegas without mentioning Summerlin. Located in the western part of the city, this gigantic residential complex is known for its upscale homes, parks, recreational facilities, and state-of-the-art public infrastructure. Another notable Las Vegas suburb is Henderson, located in the southeastern part of the city and forming a friendly rivalry with Summerlin.

With a low crime rate, top-notch schools, and modern shopping centers, Henderson, along with Green Valley and Anthem, are recognized as some of the best neighborhoods to raise your family safely. But how does Henderson compare to Summerlin?

Choose Between Two Safe and Modern Communities

Summerlin and Henderson are some of the best areas to raise a family in Las Vegas. The properties found here are modern, and the amenities people have at their disposal are some of the best in the country. However, there are a few differences between the two suburbs. Above all else, we have to mention the location. Henderson is closer to downtown Las Vegas while Summerlin, situated a little further west, is more distant to the center of town, which means it’s slightly farther away from the famous Strip. However, it offers convenient access to major roads and highways and is located only eleven miles from Las Vegas Airport (LAS).

Henderson is a city, while Summerlin is a master-planned community. This can also be seen in the size of the two suburbs, with Henderson having triple the population of Summerlin at 320,000. The housing market tends to be more upscale in Summerlin compared to Henderson, while the number of amenities in Henderson is somewhat higher due to its larger population. If you are a golf enthusiast, then you should know that both communities are home to some of the most famous golf courses in North America, with Summerlin having nine such courses, including the famous TPC Summerlin designed by Bobby Weed, while Henderson has eleven, including the Las Vegas Golf Club designed by William Park Bell. But what if you want to be closer to the famous Las Vegas Strip?

Searching for Las Vegas Condos on the Strip

The median price of a single-family home in Las Vegas has surpassed $430,000, which can prove problematic for people without a scalable income. Because of this, one option for young people looking for a personal career revamp may be to buy or rent apartments. And perhaps the best of your options lay in the Las Vegas condos on the Strip. The location right in the city’s heart transforms these proprieties into sought-after residential developments. They can prove lucrative if you’d like to rent your home to potential tourists in the future, and they can be a wise financial investment for years to come.

A good chunk of Las Vegas condos on the Strip also include amenities such as pools, fitness centers, and concierge services. At the same time, their facades are maintained immaculately by tenant associations. Are Las Vegas condos on the strip the best alternative if you are budget-minded? Not really, because real estate on the Strip comes at a premium. However, buying an apartment here can be a long-term investment that, thanks to the prognosis of the real estate in the area, is more than likely to bring you a significant return in the future.

Choose Whatever Works for Your Lifestyle

The best areas to live in Las Vegas depend on your preferences. Are you a committed family man and want to be part of a safe community that offers access to some of the best schools served by the Clark County School District? Then you can choose a home in an upscale suburb like Mountains Edge, Seven Hills, or Anthem. Want to be close to the natural wilderness specific to Nevada? Then you can try finding a property in Henderson, Summerlin, or Centennial Hills and experience firsthand what it’s like living near landmarks like the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, the Floyd Lamb State Park, or the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve.

Would you instead like to be close to the middle of the action and have a walking commute to your newly found job? Then Las Vegas condos on the Strip may be the solution for you. In the end, it depends a lot on the point you are at in your life. Are you young and want to discover why Las Vegas is called Sin City? Then you can do it. Are you a man who is past this stage and you wish to spend time with your family in a relaxed atmosphere? Then Las Vegas may be the place for you. This city is similar to New York because it can offer you all the opportunities you need. And the moments spent here will likely influence you for the rest of your life.

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