5 Cheapest CBI Programs For Foreign Investors

by Investing 18 November 2023

Citizenship Through Investment

Today, unique opportunities are open to secure individuals financially. It is easy enough to get a second citizenship in an interesting way. It is possible to do so by investment, and you can find cheap options with optimal conditions.

Thanks to obtaining a second citizenship, it becomes possible to move freely to different corners of the globe, open bank accounts abroad, invest your funds in various interesting projects, and access educational programs of the world’s leading universities.

What Is Citizenship Through Investment

First, it is necessary to understand that it is one of the easiest ways to obtain a foreign passport. A person must have a specific amount of money to be invested in the economy of the chosen state, directed to charitable purposes, or to purchase real estate. Each country sets its requirements for the minimum amount and direction of investment. 

Obtain a foreign residence permit and citizenship allows you to solve a lot of problems: 

  • a profitable investment;
  • traveling to unexplored corners of the globe without the need for a visa;
  • alternative place of residence;
  • receiving quality medical services;
  • optimal taxation. 

A “reserve airfield” in the modern world is valuable and necessary. Based on your goals, you will be able to choose a suitable program.

According to Vladlena Baranova, an expert from Immigrant Invest, a person can become the owner of another passport in just three months in exchange for a one-time contribution to bonds, real estate, opening a business, or donating to a sustainable development fund. 

Many countries are not against their citizens having citizenship in other countries. Some allow dual citizenship, while others, on the contrary, prohibit it.


This program is considered to be the most common and sought-after. You will have to spend about a month to get a passport, and the whole procedure takes place remotely.

This option is relevant for candidates ready to make a non-refundable contribution of 130000 or 180 000 dollars for a family of four. The contribution is a donation sent to this state’s local development fund. The primary purpose of such a financial contribution is to support national infrastructure and general development.

St Lucia

Second citizenship in this state for a certain amount of money is a standard solution among wealthy people who must resolve all their issues quickly. It is safe to say that it is the cheapest second passport. According to the program of citizenship for investment, it is required to make contributions to the National Economic Fund. The fee structure is as follows:

  • $100,000 U.S. dollars for a single applicant;
  • $140,000 for a principal applicant with a legal partner;
  • $150,000 for a family with a spouse and two dependent children present. 

In addition, there are alternatives. For example, investing in real estate or government bonds.


In this case, you can count on increased global mobility, fast processing of applications, and visa-free entry to 146 countries guaranteed to the applicant’s family. Many believe that this is the cheapest citizenship through investment. It is allowed to put money into the National Transformation Fund into approved real estate projects. There is an opportunity to buy shares in approved Grenada government properties. 

Antigua & Barbuda

Those familiar with this program state that getting the cheapest passport by investment is possible. If the person is single or if it is a family of four or fewer people, you will have to contribute 100,000 dollars. If it is a family with five or more members, an investment of $125,000 must be made. At the same time, you don’t have to forget about additional processing fees.

This program offers the most favorable and comfortable conditions for obtaining the desired. Moreover, it is carried out for 3-4 months. Afterward, you can travel without visas and won’t have to face taxes on income received outside the country. Investments are made after preliminary approval of the application.


Egypt’s program gives many privileges to international entrepreneurs ready to invest their money in the country’s economy. The first and most important advantage is the possibility of obtaining an E-2 visa. Besides, you can visit many more places with such a passport.

Obtaining the long-awaited right to enjoy all the privileges of this country’s locals through investment programs provides access to the real estate market and unique business initiatives. Egypt offers a stable and safe environment to live and conduct business. The program is extended to the investor’s immediate family members.


There is no strict answer about how many passports you can hold, because everything is strictly individual. In any case, having several passports to quickly get to the country’s territory where you will be safe is possible. 

You can quickly resolve all issues if you seek help from specialists. The advantage is that they know all the subtleties and nuances. This is what allows you to avoid misunderstandings in the process of resolving issues.


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