Weird Is Wonderful – How to Stand Out In The Blogging World

by Our Blogs Published on: 05 May 2018 Last Updated on: 18 March 2020

Blogging is extremely popular these days. But, with how popular the practice of blogging is, it can sometimes be hard to wade through the countless blogs out there to find the information or expertise you’re looking for. And if you’re looking to start a blog yourself, it can be intimidating to see how many other people are already blogging and wonder how you’ll ever get started, catch up, and stand out.

The truth is, if you pick something general to blog about, you’d better be an expert on the topic or a very engaging writer who already has lots of connections and a great reputation to bring in readers. And if you’re looking to make some decent money through blogging, building an audience and achieving that goal is even more difficult.

If you already have a readership, it’s not as hard to bring your readers to a platform that already monetizes content, like ConnectPal. But you’ve got to be very good at whatever you’re writing about to make them willing to keep paying to read your content, or in order to attract new subscribers.

If you start out by choosing a more specialized topic, you will more easily stand out as a blogger, and you can use that to your advantage. Think about it: how many people have general food or travel blogs? A lot. But how many write about a very niche topic in one of those areas? As a reader, if you search for information on a specific kind of travel, to a specific kind of place, as a specific kind of traveler, your results are narrowed down, and bloggers writing in that sphere of expertise capture your attention.

That’s the kind of attitude you can bring to blogging yourself. If you pick a niche topic, other people who are researching that niche topic will come to you. Everyone’s an expert at something. Instead of trying to cast too wide a net when it comes to online writing, why not go niche?

Picking a specific topic or area to blog about is a smart way to gain subscribers if you’re using a subscription content blog platform. Readers are a lot less likely to subscribe to general content, in part because they can get that information from any number of other online resources. But if you have a specialized topic, people may be more willing to subscribe to read that content that they may not find in quite the same way anywhere else.

Experts say that finding your blog “niche” is one of the best things you can do to be successful as a blogger. As more and more blogs appear online, you can stand out as a blogger by getting a little offbeat with your content. And if you use a blog platform with paying subscribers, people might be willing to actually pay you to read about your taxidermy bird collection or your encyclopedic knowledge of a pop-punk band from the 90s.

What a weird and wonderful world blogging can be.

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