Top Strategies of Playing Online Lottery Games

by Our Blogs Published on: 24 November 2017 Last Updated on: 18 March 2020

If you are serious about increasing your winning chances when playing online lottery games, you need to have strategies that will enhance your luck. There are particular individuals that believe that adopting particular strategies will make them successful. There are several players that have won the lottery on many occasions, meaning that they have a strategy and system for winning. The strategies you can use when playing online lottery games include:

Lucky numbers or quick picks

You need to decide on the strategy you are going to use between quick picks and lucky numbers. The jury is still out on deciding the best strategy to use. Many people win when thy use quick pick strategy, therefore, quick pick is the choice for many. But whatever the choice, it is the best strategy to make it.

Purchase more than one ticket

Purchasing more than one ticket from the online lottery shop makes sense. Having more tickets increases your winning chances. Many individuals form a pool of relatives or workers and everybody contributes some amount to purchase the tickets. This method is cost effective and increases your winning chances. After winning, you will have to share the winning with your pool because you rather have a small share than not have anything at all. When playing online lottery, you can also enjoy the advantage of playing in groups.

Play the right lotto games

Some games will offer you better winning odds than other and are not a long shot. They may be the games you choose to play because your chances are high when you choose to play them with the best odds.

Best odds

Not all odds are the same. You need to look for games that have the best odds because all draws are slightly different. When you play huge lottos, you need to know that the difference of ongoing regular balls, bonus balls, and the ones you can choose from is ever changing. You need to stay on top of this game by looking at the information pages on the lottery site to know how the odds stack up.

Do not pick consecutive numbers

Logic, math, common sense, and reason states that each number undergoes random drawing and therefore, the chances of choosing six consecutive numbers is similar to choosing six randomly placed numbers. It is close to impossible to draw six or seven consecutive numbers. Again, when you study history, the chances of choosing consecutive winning numbers has been zero. You need to stick to the numbers you like, the ones you have a connection with, and do not be afraid to change them.

Play games with second chance drawings

In case your number does not hit the jackpot in round one and a winner does not come, you will find that many online lottery games will give a chance to second chance drawings where your ticket gets yet another chance to win for you.

Go for a good mixture of numbers

When playing power ball tickets online, it is crucial to remember that many players choose their numbers from their anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. Since there are only thirty-one days in a month, it is rare to find numbers above thirty-one being chosen. When you choose to play high numbers, there are low chances that you will split the earnings with other players.

Wheeling strategy

Wheeling is a strategy used by seasoned lottery players. If you have gone through the frustration of purchasing several tickets and not winning, only to realize that you had all the numbers, but they were not on the same ticket, then you could try wheeling. This system will bring the best combinations and help you pick potential outcomes from a set of numbers that you have.

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