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by Business Planning & Opportunities Published on: 21 June 2018 Last Updated on: 12 September 2018

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When you run your own company, it can be hard to remember sometimes that there are other valuable aspects to life. It is not the best way to manage your work-life balance and by extension your wellbeing. It’s even more inadvisable to forget that your staff has lived outside of work; families, responsibilities, interests, and problems, that will influence their productivity and ability to perform at their best. Acknowledging that your employees have lives outside the walls of the office or factory floor is a key part of being a good boss and an effective leader, so it’s important to ensure you are viewing your staff as individuals and being mindful of their circumstances.

Understanding your staff :

Your focus as an entrepreneur is bound to be on the business, including your strategies, marketing, sales, profits, and growth. Your employees are there to perform essential tasks that help the business in all these areas, and it’s quite right to expect the best from them. However, they are not automatons with no emotions, needs, or lives beyond work. Recognising that staff welfare is an essential element of your business plan is vital if you wish to get the best from your staff. Rather than seeing the issues of personality and human nature as obstacles to progress, you need to understand that by nurturing your staff you are doing what is best for the future of your business. It may not always be easy to do, but it is an investment worth making to achieve the best results. You are likely to gain more than lose by adopting a caring approach to personnel management, as productivity and attendance will be in the optimum range, and you will be more likely to hold on to capable staff if they are happy in their work. You will also benefit from the ideas and inspiration of your employees if they are enthusiastic about their work, rather than just going through the motions.

Get to know your staff

Building up good relationships with your staff is the best way to start. Always greeting them, asking after them, and finding out about their life outside work, will build up trust and understanding, and they will appreciate your caring attitude. Being sympathetic to any problems they are having rather than behaving as if it’s no concern of yours is fundamental to getting the best out of people. You can also show you recognize their lives beyond work by embracing celebrations like birthdays, religious festivals, and major sporting or cultural events. For example, the soccer World Cup is taking place in Russia this summer, an event of global significance. You could get everyone involved in the spirit of the event by registering with a service like Unibet, and run a book in the office for all the staff members to have a flutter on the match results. You could then have one afternoon where you all watch a key game on TV together.

These kinds of activities cost little in terms of time and money and will be more than compensated for by the input your happy staff will make to your business.

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