How To Søke Kredittkort And Receive Approval

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Credit cards (CC) can be a very powerful tool when building a reliable and strong credit profile.

Higher scores will not just improve a person’s ability to get new CCs; it will also have a huge effect on the rates people will be offered on financial products such as housing and car loans. A bit of preparation can go a long way when applying for new cards. Here is what people need to know about how to apply for credit cards.

Check the score

These scores are three-digit numbers calculated to find out the relative quality of a person’s credit history. People can check their scores through card issuers or by ordering them from credit agencies like Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion. Individuals are entitled to one or more free scores from these agencies per year.

These scores are affected by various factors, like payment history, credit line history, utilization, and outstanding balance. Each of these companies uses slightly different models, so cardholders should expect some differences in scores from company to company.

Though these scores need to be within a range, so if one agency skews significantly from its counterparts, people should look for mistakes they can correct. If the borrower’s score is notably different from what they think it should be, they need to review their report thoroughly. They need to look for delinquent payments or errors that might be dragging the score down.

How to check scores for free?

 check scores for free

Borrowers can check their reports for free at least once a year at certified websites with each of the major credit agencies. It will give them detailed reports of their history, from major reporting bureaus. Most CC service providers, loan servicers, and financial institutions offer monthly scores for free to their loyal customers.

People can simply søke på nett (search online), log into online accounts and check their scores from there. Always remember that different companies use different scoring practices. It means people may have different scores on different cards.

Improve chances of getting approved

Before individuals apply for a new plastic, they need to improve their chances by clearing up their outstanding debts. If they have delinquent accounts or past dues, they should pay them off first or as soon as possible. Also, borrowers should focus on decreasing their debenture utilization ratio.

Being at the limit on the other LOCs could greatly affect the person’s score. Ideally, individuals should use thirty percent or less of their available credit across all plastics and on their individual accounts. Overall, the less of the available debenture individuals have used, the better for their overall profile.

Borrowers need to set realistic expectations, as well as look for the cards they have to be likely to receive approvals for. Premium plastics are usually designed for people with excellent credit, as well as income and cash flow, to near-guarantee regular repayment.

If their score is in the middle of the pack, they need to consider cards meant for individuals with fair to good credit. Over time, their good repayment behavior will help them increase their scores, and they can then qualify for higher-end cards.

Becoming an authorized user

One good option if the person is starting to build their credit from the start or if they are looking to bounce back from financial problems is to become an authorized card user on other people’s accounts. It means they will gain full access to a CC in their name that is attached to another person’s account.

Usually, a parent will allow their kids to become authorized users on a CC to get started and to learn responsible usage. Friends or family members authorizing an individual to use their accounts have to notify the bank or card issuer. Social Security Number, full name, as well as date of birth, will be needed. Different card issuers have different age requirements.

Things people need to consider when picking a good card

picking a good card

Once an individual is ready to apply, it is time to decide which kind of CC will be the best for their individual needs. There’s no perfect CC, but considering where and how individuals spend their money may help them find a good match, especially if we are talking about reward earnings based on their categories.

  • Deciding among rewards, zero percent Annual Percentage Rate, and Low Interest
  • Usually, people will want to choose from these options:
  • Rewards cards

These earn cash back, miles, or points as rewards on a percentage of spending. The rates of these rewards vary. These things usually need good or excellent scores.

A zero-percent card

It comes with introductory zero percent Annual Percentage Rate offers on either balance transfers, purchases, or both. It is best for individuals with existing debts looking to pay them down or individuals who have to make a huge purchase and wants some breathing room to pay their purchases.

Low-interest cards

This kind of CC has a lower-than-average APR or Annual Percentage Rate and is best if users think they will have to carry the balance, as it will minimize the amount of interest they pay. Experts do not recommend carrying a balance if they can avoid these things.

Flexible reward points versus cash backs

When individuals are trying to decide between flexible rewards or cashback cards, it is imperative to determine if the rewards align with the person’s spending habits. For instance, individuals who rarely fly may not benefit as much from premium travel cards that earn miles that can be redeemed for future travels.

For more flexible rewards, cash-backs might be the best available option. But for people who are frequently traveling or who want some travel benefits, applying for travel cards that can offer benefits such as free checked bags or access to airport lounges might be worth it.

Co-branded versus issuer-exclusive CCs

If an individual thinks travel plastics are right for them, they can decide between co-branded or general travel plastics. General travel plastics earn flexible rewards they can use towards their future flights, hotel stays, or other types of travel. Cards like American Express usually earn points users can redeem through their travel sites.

On the other hand, co-branded plastics will earn rewards in the form of the card’s brand. With these plastics, individuals usually get the most value in using their earnings towards hotel stays or future flights, although in some instances, people can transfer their miles to another airline company within the same alliance.

Applying for CCs

The application process is made easy since financial institutions certainly want more business coming their way. Most plastics allow online applications – but individuals can always go to banks and apply in person. They can also call customer representatives on the telephone.

Expect the application process to require at least these personal info:


The applicant’s full and legal name is needed

Individual Taxpayer ID Number (ITIN) or Social Security Number

It is needed by financial institutions to perform hard checks and is usually the most important factor when it comes to determining whether the person will be approved or not. Some CCs will not perform these checks, but it is an uncommon exception.

Click to know more about ITINs.


Individuals need to have a valid physical address.

A steady flow of income

It will help issuers or financial institutions determine how many credit lines they can afford.

Housing costs

This thing is fixed cost, along with the person’s flow of income. It will help financial institutions determine how much loan they can extend to their potential customer relative to what they can afford to pay back.

Applying for a CC on the Internet: Where can individuals apply?

Applying for a CC

Usually, the best and fastest way to apply for CCs is through the financial institution’s website. If the person is applying through the Internet, they should get answers for their application sooner rather than later. Applying over the phone or in person may lead to longer wait periods.

People need to think about their needs

Before applying for a CC, individuals should consider their goals with plastic. Do they need it to help them establish good credit? Do they need it for the rewards it entails or to pay off debts? Knowing the goals will help users narrow down their options.

For instance, if they want an easy-to-use card with cash-back features, the right fit could be one that can offer the same flat rate on their purchases. Individuals searching for their first CC may fare best with secured CCs.


Sometimes, financial institutions will send various offers saying the individual has been pre-approved, a term usually used interchangeably with the term “prequalified.” The truth is, there is no way to be approved for CCs without any action taken on the applicant’s part.

Pre-approval notices don’t mean that they are more likely to get approved, but they are not guaranteed. If they have a CC from one financial institution and have been demonstrating excellent financial behavior, conventional banks may send them pre-approval offers for another plastic.

Be prepared for possible impact on the credit report

Most CC firms – except for some targeting people with bad credit – will make a hard inquiry or hard pull on the person’s credit report. It means that bank inquiries will appear on the applicant’s report and will most likely affect their score. Too many hard inquiries and pulls in a short time will have a negative effect on the person’s score, as it can signal lending firms they are seeking too many LOCs at once.

Have repayment strategies

People should develop a good plan to make monthly payments on time. One good strategy is to set these payments and forget them by establishing automated payments from their bank accounts every month. They might also make a physical note in their calendar before due dates to ensure they do not accidentally skip payments.

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