How To Sleep On A Plane During Business Travel

by Business 17 November 2021

Business Travel

Business travel can be more difficult to plan than personal travel, there are more people to think about and you aren’t going to put your feet up and relax, you will be working. This means there is more you need to remember to pack, for example, a laptop, any paperwork, etc. If you are the one overseeing planning a business trip, you can always use services like corporate travel management if you are too busy to do this yourself. 

When it comes to sleeping on the plane on the way there, or on the way back, it can be difficult especially if you’re thinking about meetings or a business trip! Here are some top tips to stay relaxed on the flight and get some sleep.   

Ways To Sleep On A Plane During Business Travel

Ways To Sleep On A Plane During Business Travel

Business travel can literally be boring if you are doing it alone. If you feel like nothing to do, then taking a nap is the best option. Especially, if it’s a long-hour flight, then you won’t see any better ways other than sleeping for some time. But some of you may find it difficult to sleep on a flight during business travel. I am sure you are here for this reason. All I can say, you are at the right place and in the below section I will show you some excellent ways to do it effortlessly. 

Check out the points below:

1. Remember Your Headphones 

Pack your headphones and make sure you have any music you want to listen to and films you might like to watch downloaded onto your phone or device. Bear in mind, you won’t be able to get Wi-Fi in the air unless of course, the airline provides this. It is always good to be on the safe side to have everything downloaded and ready to go. Without headphones, you won’t be getting very far with this so make sure you have them packed! If they are wireless, you might also need to charge them.

2. Pick A Seat When You’re Booking Your Flight

Do you prefer the window seat or the aisle seat? Make sure you select the exact seat you’d like when you are booking the flight, this way you will be comfortable and more able to nod off. Sometimes picking your seat might cost you a little extra, but maybe it will be worth it. 

3. Drink Something You Know Makes You Tired

If you know camomile tea makes you tired, bring a few tea bags with you in case they don’t offer them onboard the plane. Most airlines will be happy to provide boiling water. Some might prefer a glass of wine or something alcoholic to help them sleep. Make sure you have coins or cash in your currency or your bank card onboard with you. Also, it’s a good idea to think about when you will eat, it will be extra difficult to sleep if you are peckish and your tummy is rumbling.

4. Take A Neck Rest, Socks, And A Jumper

Sometimes the air conditioning on planes can make it difficult to sleep, due to the cold temperature. If you come prepared with socks and enough layers, you hopefully won’t have any trouble trying to snooze. You can also bring a blanket or something to put over you to keep warm and get cozy, along with a neck rest so you aren’t uncomfortable on your seat. If the light bothers you on the plane, you can take an eye mask to put on when you’d like to sleep.

Now you know some of the best ways to sleep on the plane, make sure you pack all the essentials we have recommended and you will have no trouble.


So you see, sleeping on a flight during business travel is not that hard. I know, it’s challenging for someone especially those who have insomnia. But trust me, if you get familiarized with it, your business travel days will be the favorite and peaceful ones.

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