How can NCERT solutions be helpful for class 10 board exams?

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In the Indian education system, class 10th is the first educational milestone in a student’s life. It is their first interaction with board examinations. Their performance here will impact the upcoming opportunities in their life. It can be stressful for students, and consequently, they start doubting their curriculum.

Parents, as well as students, always come up with such doubts, “Is NCERT enough?”,” Which reference books are best for preparation?”,” Can I score 90+ marks using just NCERT?”. Well, the answer is “You can score full marks in class 10th boards with just NCERT books”. It also depends on how deeply you comprehend your textbooks.

Even after you manage to grab every concept deeply, there is a chance that you might fail to frame your answer perfectly. That’s where NCERT solutions come into play. Scholars prepare these solutions keeping the CBSE marking scheme in mind. All the factors that might lead to loss of marks are covered.

Now you know the impact of preparing from NCERT solved answers. Let us further elaborate on it for you. Here are the reasons to back up the importance of using these well-prepared solutions.

#1: Follow CBSE Curriculum

#1: Follow CBSE Curriculum

The National Council of Educational Research and Training is responsible for the allotment and distribution of textbooks in CBSE institutions. It is clearly stated that NCERT books are a mandatory part of the CBSE curriculum. The same applies to CBSE, since it is strictly following NCERT textbooks, the final paper will be framed using NCERT textbooks, nothing else.

There is nothing better than following the curriculum that is specifically prepared for your education board. All the solutions of NCERT textbooks are accurately written considering what CBSE expects you to write in your answer sheets. If you manage to get close to the expected answer, you can grab that perfect score. Solved NCERT exercises can take you there.

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#2: NCERT is Easy

Unlike reference books, NCERT books are designed to cover all the topics in minimum content. You will not find over-the-top vocabulary or any extra topic. That makes NCERT the easiest curriculum to follow. You don’t have to go through all the books referred to you by your coaching.

You are free to buy tonnes of reference books, guides, etc but it will pile up unnecessary stress. In the end, you will be under the impression that you are not prepared. In reality, you don’t need all that stuff for your exams. You should go for those books only if you have long-term goals to pursue that subject or you have enough time to learn more than required.

#3: Prepared by Subject Matter Experts

Prepared by Subject Matter Experts

NCERT books and their solutions are prepared by experienced instructors with required educational qualifications and excellent command of their particular subject. You can look deep inside the topic and learn how to represent it perfectly. There are a lot of diagrams and interactive examples to give you an insight into the topic. The exercises that you find in NCERT textbooks are not only focused on that particular chapter but also enhance your problem-solving skills and learning capacity.

These books are not something patchy. They are designed under the guidance of some of the best educators out there. Everything in these books is precisely calculated to help you achieve a complete understanding of the topic. NCERT books are a result of extensive research conducted by those subject matter experts.

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#4: Not Limited to CBSE Exams

Now that you know that the NCERT books are designed especially for the CBSE curriculum, you might be thinking that they have no value outside a CBSE institution. Well, there are a lot of things you need to reconsider. NCERT books are the best study material to strengthen your basics. Even students who are preparing for competitive exams start with NCERT.

You are in 10th standard, there is a slim chance that you are aiming for any advanced competitive exam. However, these basics will benefit your upcoming education. You don’t want to pass your exams after cramming all the answers and come back after graduation to learn the basics. Learn the concept, solve the exercises, analyze the solution and get it close to perfection.

Everything you learn today is interrelated to the subjects you will face tomorrow.

#5: NCERT Exercises are the Best Practise

#5: NCERT Exercises are the Best Practise

The exercises given in the NCERT textbooks are not just a compilation of questions. They consist of every type of question from every difficulty level. If you solve these exercises honestly, you will revise the whole chapter efficiently

After solving the exercises, don’t just finalize the solution. Compare it with a prepared solution and work on your weak points. Include everything you missed, exclude everything extra. This self-analysis will save your time and effort during the final examination. Also, while preparing, these solutions will help you evaluate your preparation.

#6: Exemplar Problems

Exemplar problems are the solved problems given in the NCERT textbooks. You can also use these solutions to break down the format that you need to follow while answering a problem. You don’t have to arrange the solutions from any online or offline source. They are available right in front of you.

The good thing is that these exemplar problems are seen very frequently in CBSE examinations.

#7: Solved Problems are Better

As a student, you have a lot of subjects to prepare for. You might be able to reach the perfect solution after some revisions but having solved NCERT can save your time and you can directly prepare for the perfect solution. If you keep on writing the wrong solution, you are feeding your habit of writing imperfect solutions.

If you can instill the habit of writing perfect solutions at such a tender age, it will help you in every sector. Your articles, research, notes, or everything you write will be more organized and comprehensible.


Solving NCERT problems can be a great help in your class’s 10th final exams. Having an external exam and examiner can be intimidating. You can’t just write the solution that is approved by your teacher. You have to switch things up and learn what the educational board expects from your answer. Use the solutions as a reference and go for it.

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