Live Screen Printing For Your Business: Why It’s Beneficial

by Small Business Published on: 24 April 2018 Last Updated on: 19 September 2018


When you hear the term live screen printing, you may look at it as though it can work best for events that involve a lot of community participation. Parties, fundraisers, and even concerts may seem adequate for live screen printing activities. However, did you know you can tap into live screen printing for your business?

Interestingly enough, events themselves are an untapped resource for a lot of companies. Bizzabo statistics indicate that 28-percent of their company respondents actually spend only 1-to-5 percent of their budget towards events. However, 63-percent of marketers Bizzabo interview do have plans on utilizing the untapped potential of live events, as they believe these are critical to the success of their companies. Given these numbers, imagine how live screen printing can actually pave the way for more success in your business. Here’s why it’s potentially beneficial for you:

You can get your brand name out there, and you don’t even need to tell your customers to do it.

A printed shirt can have your brand emblazoned on the front, but a shirt that is printed live can up the ante for your brand awareness. This is because you made a “connection” with your audience by letting it be known to them that with your brand, they can “create” something. They’re not just there to be made aware of, but they’re actually “creating” something thanks to your brand.

Screen Printing

You don’t just create an event, you create a memory.

Having a live screen printing service can give customers something to look forward to. Not only that but having a shirt to call their own that is printed on the spot can be an experience to share with other peers and friends.

You can let your customers get creative and call something exclusively theirs.

Providing this kind of agency can boost attraction between your company and your customers, as not all events allow this kind of “creative spirit” to be unleashed. If you have a lot of designs to offer customers, you can potentially make an event that is too irresistible, especially for those who are appealed to different designs.

You sell products “hot off the press,” and it’s something that can be appealing to others.

Imagine going to an event and buying a shirt you can call yours that is freshly made. It can give a feeling of exclusiveness, as this is a shirt you asked to be made for yourself at a certain point in time. Not a lot of events offer this kind of luxury. It’s not just something you bought, it’s something you asked to be made.

printing service

You can sell merchandise in a more practical manner.

Aside from building brand awareness, live screen printing services provide you with an avenue to sell merchandise without the hassle of not having enough to sell or having too much product to provide. This can save money by allowing you to earn based on demand, as live screen printers often print depending on how many people want to buy during the event.


Live screen printing seems to be a simple concept as it is, but it’s precisely because it’s “simple” that makes it a resource to tap when it comes to events. Your company can reap a lot of benefits from live screen printing should it be used properly as a concept, and it can potentially help establish your brand and improve relationships with prospects, leads, and loyal customers.

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