Is AmEx Concierge Better Than Chase Concierge? – Completed Guide

by Real Estate 29 April 2023

is amex concierge better than chase concierge

Is AmEx Concierge better than Chase Concierge? – This is one of the most common questions that people ask on the internet, especially the ones that are on the search for a credit card concierge. This is because both American Express and Chase offer the best concierge services available with credit cards. This article will be based on a comparison of these two best concierge services.

In this article, we will give you a comparison of the concierge services given by American Express (AmEx) and Chase. But before that, you will get to know some details about credit card concierge services in general and what they offer to credit card owners. Hence, to get fully informed about American Express concierge services and Chase concierge services, read on through to the end of the article.

What Is A Credit Card Concierge Service?

What Is A Credit Card Concierge Service?
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According to Forbes Advisor, “If you have a credit card with concierge benefits, you have access to a team of personal assistants. A concierge can handle the heavy lifting when it comes to things like booking travel or scoring tickets to a sought-after event. In general, if there’s a chore, no matter whether it’s glamorous or mundane, that’s either a challenge or just too time-consuming, call your credit card concierge to outsource it.”

Basically, a credit card concierge is an individual or a group of individuals, who can help you to get tickets, help you to shop, and even provide recommendations. These services are available once you use their credit cards to purchase products and services. Although you can do those tasks by yourself, it will take time.

By availing of concierge services, you will not need to research products and services on the internet or elsewhere. Since the concierge teams are extremely resourceful, they will offer you options on what you need. Hence, you can save your time and energy and focus on something productive. Furthermore, in many cases, top concierge services come with exclusive connections, and hence you can even get access to exclusive items or sold-out tickets, which are not generally available.

In general, credit card concierge services are available at all times, that is, 24×7. Hence, apart from spending hours on the internet and searching for the best available products and services of your choice, you can outsource these tasks to the concierge teams.

Chase Concierge – What Do They Offer?

There is a variety of credit card offerings that comes with Chase Bank’s credit card. There are different credit card levels, which you can choose from Chase Bank’s services. However, depending on the Chase credit card that you are using for yourself, you can have access to two different Chase concierge services. The following are the two concierge services that Chase Bank offers:

1. Basic Concierge Services

Basic Concierge Services
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The following are the major services that you will get with the basic version of Chase concierge services:

  • Booking restaurant reservations
  • Booking event tickets
  • Recommendations for special gifts
  • Arrange delivery of special gifts
  • Recommendation of local attractions near a travel location
  • Helping in accessing local services while traveling
  • Help at the time of making travel arrangements
  • Arranging hotel stays
  • Booking flights, and many more.

However, you have to keep in mind that Chase concierge service agents are not responsible for dealing with billing issues or lost card issues. Such issues are handled by Chase account service representatives. The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and the Chase Ink Business Preferred Credit Card are the ones with which you can get basic concierge services.

2. Premium Concierge Services

Premium Concierge Services
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You can avail of premium concierge services from Chase by using the Chase Visa Infinite Card. Apart from the basic concierge services, there are wider services available with this card as well. The Infinite concierge team is available 24×7, which is not possible with basic concierge services. Furthermore, you have greater access to bookings and reservations.

All you have to do is ask a question or a query or make a request, and they will reach out with a solution in no time. Although there is no cost associated with this concierge service, the purchases that are made on your behalf will get billed to the Chase card you are using. The Chase Sapphire Reserve Card and the United Club Infinite Card are available with premium concierge services.

American Express Concierge – What Do They Offer?

American Express Concierge – What Do They Offer
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The premium cardholders of American Express will get Premium Concierge services through the following cards:

  • The Platinum Card from American Express
  • Delta SkyMiles Platinum American Express Card
  • Centurion Card from American Express

Although these cards work almost the same way as the concierge services offered by Chase, American Express excels more in exclusivity. You can get bookings and reservations in cases where it is hard to get one. When it comes to travel bookings and to get refunds, there is hardly any service better than American Express. Furthermore, these concierge services also help you with finding gifts, even flowers.

Is AmEx Concierge Better Than Chase Concierge? – A Comparison

Is AmEx Concierge Better Than Chase Concierge?  - A Comparison
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American Express is one of the services that stayed in the travel business for a very long time. Furthermore, American Express is also present in most countries, which is not possible with Chase. Hence, when it comes to travel bookings and reservations, American Express excels and outperforms Chase’s credit card concierge services. However, if you are looking for basic concierge services, then we recommend you go with Chase credit card concierge services.

Summing Up

Is AmEx Concierge better than Chase Concierge? – Hope this article was helpful for you to get a better idea of the Concierge services offered by American Express and Chase. Being in the travel business and offering concierge services for a long time, American Express offers better concierge services when it comes to travel. Hence, if you want concierge services mainly for your travel-related issues, we recommend you go with American Express (AmEx). However, if you want basic bookings, recommendations, and reservations, we recommend you avail of the services offered by Chase. Have you availed of concierge services from either AmEx or Chase? Share your reviews with us in the comments section below.

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