Some Important Things to Do before Opening a Spa or Salon

by Starting a Business 15 September 2020


If you are considering opening a spa business, you’ve come to the right place! Now maybe the perfect time to get started at your spa. Any new business has its difficulties and challenges, but spas bring a whole new level of complexity to the undertaking. Success can be easier if your expectations are realistic.

As a spa business owner, it is important to adapt your business to the post COVID world. This can not only ensure that your staff and customers are safe but also be a strong marketing strategy for your business. Taking precautions like sanitizing tables and other areas, asking your employees to wear PPE kits will make the customer feel safer and more encouraged to visit your spa.

The spa concept as a way to make you a more relaxed and healthy person who is far from new. It goes back to ancient times when it was discovered by the old greeks. Spas are still popular and founded in that long history. Before mapping out your securing funding and finances, you’ll have to consider what, exactly, you require funding for. Here is some most common cost to run spa that you require funding for:

Some important things to do before opening a spa or salon:

1. Licenses and permits

To open a spa, you’ll require a license and any permits that are required in your area. You’ll also need a seller’s permit If you’re also thinking of selling products.

2. Payroll

This involves wages or salaries for the staff you hire, and all the associated benefits you decided to offer.

3. Real estate

You’ll have to discover a good place to either buy or rent. If you’re thinking of paying a monthly lease, you’ll have to provide a security deposit upfront.

4. Equipment

A spa or salon requires a ton of equipment. You may also need a computer, POS system, spa software, telephone, and many more.

5. Inventory

If you’re thinking of selling cosmetics or other products, you’ll want to stock up on your inventory before opening.

6. Insurance

You’ll have to set aside money for an insurance plan to legally cover your spa business.

Now, to make your spa business successful, we’ve listed some important things to do before opening your spa or salon, let’s have a look at it:

7. Start with a good plan

A business plan means understanding how much finances are required and what scale of business you need to do to make your operations profitable. You need to calculate the costs, look at the rent, ensure that you are charging in a fair, yet competitive manner, and have break-even targets set for each month. A business plan also should involve promotions, marketing spends, and other expenditures you are required to make for your business.

8. Research your local laws and regulations

Laws and regulations vary by what type of spa you are opening and where. Be sure that you are complying with the state laws and regulations. If you need to make some adjustments to your business plan because of laws and regulations, do so early to avoid complications.

9. Promote well

Many experts have pointed out that the personal wellness and grooming industry is all about promoting it to the right audiences. If you are introducing a new service, be aggressive enough to advertise the same. Your audience is not going to travel fifteen kilometers to seek out your service.

This is why you need a great local promotion strategy starting with Google My Business. You also need to employ locals and show your advertising banners in the region. Bearing in mind the costs, think about a strategy, which ensures higher ROIs. Maintaining a social media page and having referral discounts is also a great way to boost the spa business.

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