Can You Study In The USA Without IELTS?

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Securing a decent score in the IELTS test requires utmost commitment, dedication, and hard work. There is no doubt that an IELTS certificate will help you get admission to most of the top universities in the USA. But if your score in IELTS is not good or if you have not given the test, your dream of studying in the USA is not in vain. 

YES, You can study in the USA without IELTS.

How? To know that, you have to read the guide till the end…

What Is IELTS?

IELTS is basically an exam that helps you to migrate, get work, or study in an English Speaking country. The term stands for International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The key purpose of this assessment is to provide an accurate and fair evaluation of English Language Proficiency. Language specialists from the USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia develop the test questions of this exam.

Which Colleges In The USA Offer Admission Without IELTS Scores?

There are a plethora of colleges, universities, and other academic institutions that offer admission without IELTS. But these English language assessment requirements change from session to session across 40000 colleges across the country. We have been able to jot down 10 colleges here where you can get admission without an IELTS score. I am sure you are desperately looking for this list… so here you go!

Name Of The Colleges  Which Exams Are Accepted Here?
State University of New York Conditional (IELP), ACT, SAT
The University of Illinois at Chicago TOEFL, PTE 
University of Central Florida TOEFL
American University, Washington DC Duolingo English Test, PTE, TOEFL
University of New Orleans Duolingo English Test, TOEFL, Conditional (IELP)
University of Colorado Duolingo English Test, TOEFL
The University of Utah Duolingo English Test, SAT, ACT, TOEFL 
UMASS, Boston Duolingo English Test, SAT, ACT, TOEFL 
Auburn University, Alabama Conditional (IELP),TOEFL
University of Dayton, Ohio Duolingo English Test, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, iTEP, Conditional (IELP) 

How Can You Successfully Study In The USA Without IELTS?

If you are scared thinking that IELTS is a “must” in order to study in the USA, you are wrong. Relax and sit back because we will mention the ways of studying in the USA without IELTS:

Firstly, since there is no Federal requirement regarding giving IELTS to study in the USA. This is purely designed by the concerned educational institutions…understanding this is the first step.  

Secondly, if you do not want to sit for IELTS, let me tell you there are plenty of other examinations you can attend. This includes SAT, ACT. TOEFL, Conditional (IELP), iTEP, and Duolingo English Test. All these are considered to be equivalent to IELTS.

Also, if your schooling background is in the English language medium, you can employ the CAP program here. CAP or Conditional Admission Program that makes international students eligible to get enrolled in the college/university on a condition. What’s that? They have to attend the institution’s own Intensive English Language Programs (IELP). 

Which Is More Acceptable In The U.S.A – TOEFL Or IELTS? 

TOEFL Or IELTS, which one is more accepted in the USA. I am 100% sure that you are stuck in this confusion as well. So here is the accurate answer for you. As you know both TOEFL and IELTS are English Language Proficiency Tests required by the USA top universities. But TOEFL is undoubtedly tougher than IELTS General in several respects. For instance, the IELTS reading section is considered to be easier than the TOEFL reading section.

In the majority of the academic institutions in the U.S.A, TOEFL scores are acceptable. There are a bunch of places that are not concerned with the IELTS scores. On the contrary, with the required TOEFL score you can get admission easily.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


In order to study in the USA, you need to pass either TOEFL or IELTS. Now IELTS is of two types – Academic IELTS and General IELTS. The former is significantly different from the latter. But truly speaking, the easier among these two is IELTS. Although both of them have an Academic module, the general IELTS exam is easier than both TOEFL and Academic IELTS. 

Q2. Is IELTS Required For The USA?

However, there are a number of universities, schools, and colleges that allow you to study without IELTS Or TOEFL scores. In that case, you can also give the Duolingo Test, TOEFL, ACT, or SAT. But TOEFL is much more accepted in the U.S.A, in comparison to IELTS. 

Q3. Is 5.5 A Good Score In IELTS For The USA?

In the IELTS Exam, if you score 5.5, then be assured that most of the universities and schools will accept your application. However, there are some universities and colleges that have a higher benchmark of IELTS Scores. For example, Kent State University has set 6.0 as their minimum total IELTS Score required. 

Q4. What Is The Validity Of IELTS?

The validity of your IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) Score is for 2 consecutive years from the date of result declaration. There have been rumors that IELTS Validity is extended to 3 years, but it’s not true. It’s still the same… that is 2 years. 

The Verdict – Can You Really Study In The USA Without IELTS?

Now the answer to the question – “ Can You Study In The USA Without IELTS? ” is YES!! You definitely can without a second thought. ”

Hence, if you have suddenly got a chance to study in any of the above-mentioned USA Universities and there is not much time left for giving the IELTS Test, then do not worry! You will get admission over there if u\other conditions are met. Nevertheless, individual departments in those universities might also have their own requirements. As a result, you may have to demonstrate your English proficiency.

Do you have any more doubts about studying in the USA without IELTS? Drop them in the comment area below; we are listening!

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