Michael Wiener of Albuquerque New Mexico Discusses How to Evaluate Your Performance as a Leader

by Entrepreneurship 04 March 2020


Part of your job as a leader is to evaluate others’ performances in the workplace, but who assesses you? It’s hard to gather feedback when there isn’t anyone above you to evaluate your work, but it’s not impossible.

By relying on your employees and coworkers and considering your work with a critical eye, you can gather crucial information that can improve your company’s performance.

Here, Michael Wiener, founder of Bestplates shares a few tips on evaluating your performance as a leader and an employee through self-reflection, goals, and feedback from others.

Discusses How to Evaluate Your Performance as a Leader:

Take Time to Reflect on Yourself

Nearly everyone takes some time to reflect on themselves, and most people are incredibly self-conscious, but that doesn’t mean you’re gauging your performance accurately. To do that, you must take some time to develop an unbiased standpoint of yourself first.

Then, ask yourself, “have my actions met the standards I hold for my employees?” and don’t be afraid to say no. It may be difficult to overcome your bias towards yourself, but it’s not impossible.

Once you’re done contemplating your performance, check the numbers for the truth. If you recently started new leading techniques, watch the performance levels of others over time and see whether it has improved the workplace or hurt it. After all, as a leader, you hold a significant influence over your employees, which can make or break a company’s productivity. Depending on the outcome, you may want to rethink and adjust these techniques to suit the company better.

Set Goals

Defining and setting goals is as crucial in your daily life as it is for your business. It’s also crucial to make sure your goals align with the company’s mission statement.

You set goals for your employees every day, so it’s essential to hold yourself to that same expectation by providing yourself goals, too. It can be something as small as making sure you smile and ask your employees how they’re doing every day to meeting a big sales goal by the end of the quarter. If you don’t meet the goals, reconsider what you could do to improve your performance as a leader.

Ask for Feedback from Others

If you have no one above you to assess your performance, don’t be afraid to ask your equals and those working under you for their honest feedback.

Of course, it’s important to ensure anonymity when collecting feedback from employees; otherwise, they are less likely to be truthful, even if it needs to be said to improve the workplace. Using online, anonymous surveys or going old school by asking your secretary to type up written responses so that you cannot identify a person’s comments are two reliable ways to do this.

Once you have their feedback, be open to any constructive criticism and consider how you can implement it to improve yourself.

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