Eierskifte Mobilabonnement: Changing Ownership Of Mobile Subscription

by Business 13 February 2024

Changing Ownership Of Mobile Subscription

The use of mobile phones and mobile subscription plans was more or less a luxury a few decades ago. Well, the narrative has changed today. This is considering how it has become a huge necessity today.

The sheer amount of subscribers in Norway alone is a huge testament to this. You can visit this site to find out more about this.

It turns out that some subscribers need to change ownership status at some point in time. This article discusses the possibility of doing so and some of the reasons for making this move.

Can Ownership Of Mobile Subscription Plans Be Changed?

The possibility of changing the ownership of a mobile subscription is largely down to location. For example, it is a huge possibility in Norway. Furthermore, it is a possibility in many other parts of the continent and the world at large.

Reasons For Changing Ownership Of Mobile Subscription

Legality is a major issue whenever this subject is brought up. This is because some mischievous people are capable of taking undue advantage of this possibility. This is especially true if the change of ownership procedures is not water-tight.

Furthermore, this begs the question of why people may need to make this change, in the first place. Well, some of the legal reasons for this include the following:

Personal Circumstances

A few personal circumstances can warrant it. One such and very common one is relocation. This is understandable considering how mobile services primarily operate based on territories.

For example, it may be hard or impossible to get network coverage even within certain parts of the country. This is because of the network infrastructure status in such parts.

Furthermore, using Norwegian mobile network services outside the country means that roaming charges would apply. The persistent and huge cost means that using Norwegian-based mobile subscription plans outside the country makes very little or no sense.

For this reason, it is not uncommon for such people to decide to offer their subscription to another person. Of course, that would be someone who is not relocating.

This is also important for legal reasons. For example, the owner would be held accountable for whatever is done with the plan if the change of ownership status has not been properly done. This is a reason why such people should take such procedures seriously.

Transfer Of Responsibility

It is not uncommon for kids and minors at large to use mobile phones in Norway. However, the process of registering kids as mobile network subscribers can be quite complicated. For example, many options that allow this still require that parent-valid IDs be submitted during the registration process.

One of the implications is that the parents are largely owners and responsible for its use and maintenance. However, this is not always going to be the case as kids grow up. At some point, there will be a need for full ownership.


There are arrangements in which people who own mobile subscription plans decide to transfer their ownership status to another person. For example, this could be a gift to another person. In such cases, the proper thing to do would be to adhere to the change of ownership procedures.

Switching Plans

On the whole, there are two kinds of mobile subscription plans. There is the prepaid, as well as the postpaid plan. By the way, there are several differences between both, especially in the following areas:

·       Payment Timing

·       Contract & Commitment

·       Credit Control

·       Credit Checks

·       Service Interruption

·       Flexibility/Rigidity

Some of the notable differences between prepaid and postpaid subscriptions are centered on the aforementioned areas. For example, postpaid subscribers are charged for the use of their plan after they have used the network service. It is the other way around for prepaid subscribers as they are charged before using the service.

Usually, switching from prepaid to prepaid or from postpaid to postpaid plans is a lot easier. However, this is not always the case when switching from one kind of mobile subscription plan to another. Examples would be prepaid to postpaid or postpaid to prepaid.

In either of the aforementioned, there may be a need to switch mobile subscription ownership status. The need to do this or otherwise is largely dependent on requirements.

Employee Changes

Many businesses and establishments offer official mobile contacts and subscription plans to their employees. As a result, there is a need for a change in subscription ownership status when old employees leave and new ones take their place. This ensures that the new employee is legally responsible for using, maintaining, and generally responsible for the official subscription plan.

Family Structure Change

This can play out in several ways. On the whole, all manner of changes to a family structure can warrant this. Here are a few ways this can play out:


Divorce usually suggests that the two parties are no longer living with each other, among other things. If a family plan was used, this means that the plan would have the names of both parties. There may be a need to make changes after a divorce.

Furthermore, some women choose to change their names after divorce proceedings. By the way, many of such people revert to their maiden name. This procedure may be required to document this.


Marriage could suggest the need for a family plan instead of a regular individual plan. For one, this could lead to transferring existing individual plans to people who are fine with individual plans. This calls for a change of ownership status.

For the record, these are just a few examples of how changes in family structure can warrant this. On the whole, you can check mobilabonnement.com/eierskifte/ for more information on reasons why people may need to change their subscription ownership status.

What To Know About Changing Mobile Subscription Ownership Status

Change of mobile subscription ownership must happen as it should to achieve the desired result. In the spirit of ensuring this, here are a few things to take note of:

Outstanding Balances

Outstanding balances have to be settled before this procedure can commence. So, unpaid bills/charges have to be paid.

Network Providers Determine Policies

Requirements for properly changing this ownership status are largely determined by network service providers. This is why what works for one might not be permitted by another. So, you should know the requirements and adhere to them.

The change cannot be authorized until both parties consent to it. In other words, the supposed new and old owners need to consent to it.

Identity Verification

There would be a need for both parties to verify their identity. As a result, identification documents such as passports, driver’s licenses, and ID cards may need to be provided.

Potential Fees

Some network service providers charge for this procedure. So, you should find out if this applies to you.


The old and new owner is supposed to get a confirmation of the successful ownership switch from the network service provider. Contact the network’s customer support team for inquiries if this is not the case.

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