Discovering Rewards and Opportunities by using Dezerv A Complete Guide

by Financial Planning 09 March 2024


In the current fast-paced environment We often have to manage multiple obligations, ranging from work and obligations to our families, to our personal goals and ambitions. In all the hustle and bustle it’s important to remember that we are worthy of recognition and reward for our hard work and commitment. Take a look at “Dezerv,” a platform that is designed to help individuals as well as businesses by providing many possibilities and rewards. In this thorough guide, we’ll look at the ways in which Dezerv could benefit you and your company.

Dezerv: An Overview

Dezerv An Overview

Dezerv is a flexible platform that serves people and companies. It’s based on the idea that everyone Dezervs to be recognized for their accomplishments and efforts. If you’re a person who is striving to grow personally or a business seeking new ways to motivate employees and your customers, Dezerv has something to provide.

Unlocking Rewards and Opportunities with Dezerv A Complete Guide

In the current fast-paced environment it is commonplace to are juggling multiple tasks that range from family and work commitments to personal goals and desires. In the midst of all this bustle and hustle it’s important to remember that we should be rewarded with reward for our hard work and commitment. We’re talking about “Dezerv,” a platform which is designed to help individuals and companies alike with numerous possibilities and rewards. In this thorough guide, we’ll look at the ways that Dezerv can help you and your business.

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features and Benefits
  • Reward and Recognition: Dezerv provides a platform that allows individuals to display their achievements and receive recognition for their efforts. If it’s an exercise milestone, completing the project on time or achieving your personal goals Dezerv will help you recognize your achievements.
  • Employee Engagement: For companies maintaining employees’ motivation and engagement is vital to the productivity of employees and their retention. Dezerv offers a variety of reward programs that are customizable that boost the morale of employees which can lead to improved efficiency and job satisfaction.
  • Customer loyalty: In the ever-changing business world, keeping customers is as vital as attracting new customers. Dezerv assists businesses to build loyalty to their customers through reward programs that turn one-time customers into brand ambassadors.
  • Networking and community: Dezerv provides a platform for both businesses and individuals to network and share ideas. It allows you to join communities that match your goals and interests creating positive connections and opportunities.
  • Flexible Solutions If you’re an individual looking to grow personally or a business looking for tailored solutions, Dezerv offers flexibility in developing reward and recognition programs that meet your specific requirements.

Beginning With Dezerv is Straightforward:

Beginning with Dezerv is straightforward
  • Sign up to create your Dezerv account, no matter if the account is for an individual, or business.
  • Set Your Goals: Clearly set out your goals for personal growth, whether that’s it or employee engagement, or even customer loyalty.
  • Personalize Your Program: Customize your reward and recognition programs to meet your needs and your values.
  • Be Engaged and Happy: Begin by recognizing accomplishments and celebrating achievements throughout your Dezerv community.

How To Start Using Dezerv?

Following are the simple steps for starting Dezerv –

Apply Online

If you want to sign up for Dezerv, you have to follow an invite-only process. An invite-only process is available to sign up for this platform. This is probably for capacity management purposes. Once you have applied online, you have to wait for a week or longer to receive an invite.  

Login Once You Get an Invite

When you get an invite, you can start and create your account. You have to log in using a registered phone number. There is no need for any other documents or steps when you start to use Dezerv. 

Click on “Set up My Account.”

This process helps kickstart the investment account creation process. You have to set up your account and add an initial deposit. This needs to be done before Dezerv builds and manages the portfolio on your behalf. 

Choose Your Investment Approach

Dezerz works as a helpful investment and portfolio management application. So, there are many different investment approaches you can follow and customize according to your needs. Your need. Here are some broad investment types – Careful, Balanced, Aggressive, Growth, Conservative, etc. This lets you customize according to your risk tolerance approach. 

Things to Know about Dezerv

Here are some things Dezerv users must know–

Dezerv Recommends an approach.

Now, you don’t always have to have an investment approach. Dezerv will suggest one approach out of five based on your applications. So, if you want to decide on an approach, you can do it accordingly. 

Review Portfolio Details

Deserv allows investors to review their allocated assets. It helps analyze different specific assets and funds selected for a portfolio before you invest. This provides full transparency into where you will be investing. Going through the FAQs will help you understand how the platform operates. 

Invest a Minimum of ₹50000

When using Dezerv, you have to invest at least a minimum amount of ₹50,000 to open your account. This is the minimum threshold for entry. Clearly, it is really high compared to some of the robo-advisory platforms that offer an entry threshold of ₹500-₹1000. However, a high threshold also ensures a high return because Dezerv has a high basket curated for optimized returns.

Add More Money in ₹20,000 Increments.

When you open your Dezerv account, you can add different other investments in increments of the amount of ₹20,000. Or you can have a higher amount. There is no upper limit on your amount of investment. 

Deserv Experts to Manage Your Portfolio

Now that you have set up your account, the Dezerv professionals will handle the portfolio for you. For this, they will follow the investment approach you have chosen. 

Say No to Risky Baits

According to Dezerv’s statement, their fund managers seek to boost consistent market-beating returns. They do it by avoiding assets that are speculative and risky. It also only focuses on high-quality assets with assured returns. 


In a society that tends to focus on the everyday routine, it’s essential to step back and recognize our achievements regardless of whether they’re big or small. Dezerv allows individuals and companies to accomplish this through a platform that offers acknowledgement, rewards as well as community involvement. You may be looking to enhance your personal development or improve your company’s performance, Dezerv offers a comprehensive solution. Begin the journey of your life with Dezerv today to unlock an array of possibilities and rewards you Dezerv!

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