Navigating the Choppy Waters of Trading Operations

by Finance Published on: 25 January 2024 Last Updated on: 13 March 2024

Choppy Waters of Trading Operations

In the intricate world of financial services, trading operations stand as a vital component. These operations, akin to the beating heart of the industry, are often besieged by challenges related to pricing and order execution. 

Such hurdles not only threaten the stability of these institutions but also risk significant financial and reputational damage. This is where Tapaas steps in, offering a revolutionary solution with its Price Tick Monitor, adept at mitigating these challenges, particularly for FOREX brokers.

The crux of the problem lies in the instability of pricing feeds and trading systems. Glitches in these areas can lead to inaccurate pricing or execution failures. The ramifications are far-reaching, from disgruntled clients to substantial monetary losses.

What Is Tapaas?

Tapaas‘ innovative Price Tick Monitor serves as a lighthouse in these stormy seas. It provides real-time monitoring of pricing feeds, a critical aspect in identifying issues before they wreak havoc on trading operations. 

By setting up tolerance thresholds, this system continuously scrutinizes pricing irregularities across a plethora of instruments. It promptly alerts users when anomalies arise, enabling them to address the issue expeditiously, thus safeguarding clients and revenues.

The Price Tick Monitor specializes in identifying four principal pricing irregularities: stale pricing, excessive spreads, negative spreads, and excessive price tick moves. Each of these factors is a harbinger of potential feed errors or extreme market events that can negatively impact operations if not managed promptly.

What Is The Tick Index?

The tick index compares the number of rising stocks and the number of falling stocks on the New York Stock Exchange. The particular exchange measures the stocks, making an uptick and a downtick. It is one of the most popular indicators used by day traders who look at market sentiments at one point. 

When the trader oversees the up and down stocks, it allows the traders to make the quickest trading decisions, which depend upon the movement of the market. The traders need to consider the extremes; that is, the traders must be well aware of the oversold and also the overbought conditions at the levels.

In a way, this index is an indicator that can be used in the short term. It helps the traders who are looking to enter the trading operations ( into the bullish sentiment). As more stocks come under trading, the positive tick works as the indicator of a good market mechanism. However, the traders must also remember that the tick index is the widely speculative identifier of the sentiment of the market, and that too at a specific point in time. Experts opine that this approach may not be reliable enough to frame long-term strategies. 

Stale Pricing

Stale pricing is a particularly insidious issue where pricing feeds cease updating. This can lead to order rejections and customer disputes, potentially culminating in regulatory breaches. Tapaas’ solution allows users to set specific thresholds for how long pricing can remain unchanged before being flagged, enabling immediate action to reconnect feeds and resolve the issue.

Excessive Spreads

Excessive spreads, on the other hand, imply higher trading costs for clients and may indicate issues with pricing feeds. The Price Tick Monitor allows users to set spread tolerance levels, ensuring any deviation is quickly flagged for further inspection. It impacts trading operations heavily. 

Negative Spreads And Excessive Price Jumps 

Negative spreads and excessive price jumps are equally detrimental. The former suggests a malfunction in the pricing feed, while the latter could indicate faulty feeds or extreme market volatility. In both cases, Tapaas’ system provides immediate alerts, facilitating swift intervention to guide client trading and assess downstream impacts.

The dashboard of the Price Tick Monitor is a centerpiece of this solution. It offers a live view of price feed health, sorting symbols by severity and tracking historical breaches. This comprehensive visualization, including heatmaps, aids in quickly identifying and addressing problem areas.

In practice, the Tapaas Price Tick Monitor has proven invaluable. For instance, a Wholesale FX Broker utilized it to mitigate losses during a bridge connection drop. Alerts from the system enabled them to halt trading and adjust risk limits promptly, averting potential execution failures.

Similarly, an emerging market stock broker, plagued by order rejections, pinpointed inadequate IT infrastructure at a particular exchange through the Price Tick Monitor, allowing them to adjust their trading operations models accordingly.

The Impact Of Disruptions On Trading 

The trading operations may fade diverse types of disruptions. The consequences of it can indeed be severe. Some of the common repercussions include financial losses and dissatisfied clients.

The disruptions in trading may result in financial losses. Both the clients and the firms have to bear the losses due to the issue. When there is a failed execution of the mispriced trading, it can indeed lead to a significant financial setback.

Key Features Of The Tapaas Dashboards

The Tapaas dashboards have some key features that help fix issues related to trading. 

The first main feature is sorting by severity. Here, the system sorts the active alerts based on the severity. It facilitates the users to prioritize the issues which are based on their impact. 

Another key feature of it is the historic breach tracking. 

The particular dashboard logs all the alerts that get triggered over the recent time, that is, the past hour. It helps the traders seep deeper into the fundamental issue. Moreover, the dashboard offers flexible filtering. Here, the users can filter the alerts by the pricing sources. It also allows for an analysis across different different feed providers. There is also the Live view, where the users can oversee and monitor the pricing. 


In conclusion, the Tapaas Price Tick Monitor is more than just a tool; it’s a strategic ally in the complex world of trading operations. Accounting for these risks is paramount in maintaining a firm’s credibility and operational integrity. 

This system not only minimizes trading disruptions but also significantly reduces revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction. In the volatile realm of financial trading, Tapaas stands as a beacon of stability, ensuring smooth, glitch-free operations for FOREX brokers and their clientele.


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