Benefits Of Becoming A Real Estate Developer

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Many investors get wealthy through real estate development. Large-scale flipping of properties for sale or rental units can bring in a lot of profits. Plus, it has several other benefits that often interest potential investors.

Here are some of the key benefits of developing real estate. 


According to Angelo Ingrassia a developer from Irondequoit, NY, you can purchase properties at significantly cheaper rates than if you purchased retail buildings. That is because you don’t have to pay for developer improvements, an agent’s commission, marketing fees, and other costs associated with traditional retail purchases. 


This is probably the part you want to hear. When you sell your projects when the market is good, you can make significant profits from your developments. Additionally, when you rent buildings, you can charge more than your loan amount. Therefore, whether you accumulate rental units or flip houses, you can pad your pockets through development. 

Easy Financing

Once you complete your improvements, you can go to banks and re-mortgage the property. Often, they will lend you up to 80 percent of their current retail value. In most cases, that will be what you paid to complete the project, meaning that you will have no capital in the building. In other words, it’s like you put nothing down on the project. 


You have major leverage when you finish your housing development projects. That is because you can rack up a substantial amount of property without investing a lot of your own capital in them. In other words, when you sell a property for retail price, you pocket whatever you don’t need to pay off your loan. 

Tax Benefits

This one is something that you will learn as you get better at developing. Owning new buildings gives you depreciation allowance benefits, which can mean a better tax return. You can then use the money to purchase more properties, further growing your portfolio and your ability to get tax benefits the next year. 

Rental Returns

When you rent, your clients will pay retail rates. They never have to know that you paid significantly less than retail for your properties. That means that you will have higher returns because you will have less to pay off for your initial investment in the properties. After you pay off your loan, all the returns you get from your rental units will go back straight into your pocket. 


If you invest in real estate properly, it can become quite lucrative. If you choose rental properties in prime locations, you will always have them bringing in income, which can create financial security for you. 

All of these benefits can make real estate development a much safer and faster way to cultivate your portfolio. In other words, you can see fantastic returns quickly. Most people believe that this type of investment is too difficult and requires professional knowledge.

However, anyone can get started with it. Just remember that there are still potential risks with this type of investing. Make sure you learn about those before deciding that this is the path that you wish to take. 

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