What You Need to Know About Scissor Lifts

by Automotive 17 September 2019

Scissor Lifts

Are you wondering what details you need to know about scissor lifts before you hire one? Scissor lifts can be pneumatic, mechanical or hydraulic. It all comes down to how you intend to use the lift. Additionally, you should consider how the lift can assist a maintenance or construction worker and accommodate their tools. When construction workers are working inside or outside a building, they will normally rely on the use of ladders to access hard-to-reach areas, such as ceilings and walls. But have you ever considered the risk that comes with using a ladder? Using a scissor lift instead on a construction site can help you save money and time while preventing your personnel from sustaining injuries due to falls. Here’s what you need to know about scissor lifts before you opt for scissor lift hire.

They Have Large Platforms:

When looking at scissor lifts, you’ll notice that their platforms are considerably larger compared to those on ladders. A large platform is able to accommodate a higher number of employees, including their work tools, with relative ease. The person using the scissor lift will also get to save time by being able to assess ceilings or walls without needing to reposition the lift. Repositioning is a common problem associated with the use of ladders.

Their Platforms Are Strong and Versatile:

A scissor lift platform is capable of holding the total weight of up to four men, including all their work tools. The platform is also able to reach heights between two and eight metres high. What’s even more interesting is that you can pause the lift at different heights depending on your working requirements. The ability to pause it enables your workers to climb up or down walls and different perimeters. Before hiring, make sure to check the capacity of the lift. It may become necessary for you to hire more lifts if you have more than a few workers working on a construction site.

Four-Wheel Drive Capabilities Are Available for Working Outdoors:

Did you know that it’s possible for you to hire a scissor lift with four-wheel drive capabilities? These are scissor lifts that can easily navigate any terrain that they encounter. It also means that they can be used both inside and outside of a building. A machine that can go wherever you want it to go, be it on mud, bitumen, grass or gravel, comes in handy when working on terrains that are hard to navigate. In Australia, there are even scissor lift hire options that make it possible for employees to work on multi-level buildings. Often, the models you’ll encounter under this subgroup are either gas or diesel-powered.

Scissor Lifts Are Normally Free-Standing:

A free-standing scissor lift makes it easier for employees to reach wide areas. Employees using ladders are forced to rest them against walls for them to reach high areas. Resting a ladder against a wall can greatly restrict your movements, while a scissor lift allows for freer movement.

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