Sheikh Youssef Al Shelash’s Real Estate Development Firm Partners With Trump On Oman Golf Project

by Real Estate 03 January 2023

Sheikh Youssef Al Shelash’s Real Estate Development Firm

In November 2022, Sheikh Yousef Al Shelash unveiled Dar Al Arkan’s plans to include a signature Trump resort at Aida in Muscat, Oman. The project spans 3.5 million square meters and is valued at $4 billion. It will be built over the next 10 years, with groundbreaking expected in the first quarter of 2023.

“The Trump Organization is known for its exclusive, world-class developments,” stated Dar Al Arkan’s chairman Sheikh Yousef Al Shelash. He cited the high standards that former president of the United States Donald Trump’s family business upholds for helping cement the partnership.

A real estate development company spokesperson stated, “We are confident the relationship with Trump will enhance the natural beauty of Aida and attract end users and investors from around the world looking to be part of an exceptionally iconic project.”

Al Shelash stated that the real estate development company is “always looking to enhance unique projects with premium facilities and experiences, and our partnership with Trump will distinguish our first project in Oman.” He added that the company is confident that teaming up with Trump will put the Aida project, which is Dar Al Arkan’s first in Oman, on the global map.

Building A Picturesque Dream Resort On The Top Of A Mountain

Dream Resort On The Top Of A Mountain

The Trump Organization was founded in 1927 by the former president’s father, Fred Trump, and his paternal grandmother, Elizabeth Christ Trump. It was originally called E. Trump & Son. Recently, the organization had been looking to expand its operations. It sought a first-rate place that would be unique and live up to the organization’s long-time values for superior quality, detail, and excellence in property development and luxury golf resorts.

The organization isn’t willing to work with just any real estate developer. Instead, it was looking for an incredible group to collaborate with, and it found that with Sheikh Yousef Al Shelash and Dar Al Arkan’s Aida project, 20 minutes from the heart of Oman’s capital city and perched high atop a mountain overlooking a stunning sea.

Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump Organization, stated, “Together with Dar Al Arkan real estate development company, we are going to deliver an exceptional Trump golf resort with the finest residential villas, a world-class hotel, and an iconic golf course, all in one of the most beautiful settings.”

Environmentally Friendly Excellence

Environmentally Friendly Excellence

The location of Aida is unsurpassed in natural beauty. “Aida sits on a high peak overlooking one of the most breathtaking horizons in the world,” stated a Dar Al Arkan spokesperson. “Imagine the beautiful setting of a villa in these majestic surroundings or playing a game of golf overlooking the sea — it is truly unrivaled.”

The Trump Organization’s first golf resort in Oman will be a world-class property. The crowning glory golf course will be developed on a hill and feature spectacular sea vistas.

In addition, it will include amazing amenities, such as top-of-line golf facilities and a magnificent golf club. It promises to be the perfect escape for golf enthusiasts and luxury travellers alike.

The Aida project is also being built sustainably to preserve and protect the cliffside’s topography and distinctive environmental aspects. According to Sheikh Yousef Al Shelash, the real estate development company is in the process of integrating hanging suites seamlessly into the majestic cliff. “Engineering wise, it has never been done anywhere in the world before,” stated Al Shelash.

Dar Al Arkan Chairman Sheikh Yousef Al Shelash On Establishing The Real Estate Development Company As A Global Brand

Since it was founded 28 years ago, the real estate development company has evolved into one of the most prominent listed real estate businesses in Saudi Arabia. In order to show the world that Dar Al Arkan is a global brand, Sheik Yousef Al Shelash feels it’s imperative for the company to be successful not only in Saudi Arabia, but also in other locations, including the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Spain, and the United Kingdom. As a result, the company opened its first office in China in February 2022.

Al Shelash explained, “Dar Al Arkan is showing Saudi values in delivering on promises, on time, and on quality.” Those are many of the same characteristics that attracted the Trump Organization to Dar Al Arkan’s Aida project.

The first project outside of Saudi Arabia for the real estate development company chaired by Sheikh Yousef Al Shelash is the Urban Oasis with interiors by Missoni. The luxury waterfront apartment is being developed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

According to the real estate development concern, the Urban Oasis represents “the best of Miami now in Dubai.” The company revealed that the tower is “where Miami’s mood, vibes, and lifestyle are expertly captured in every detail.

Enjoy exclusive waterfront living, with penthouses accessed by private elevators, luxury apartments, first-class amenities, and sweeping views of the city and the canal.”

Al Shelash is also the chairman of Bahrain’s Bank Alkhair and the chairman of the Saudi Home Loans company in Saudi Arabia. He considers himself a family man and has always been focused on building a better future for families, which includes helping them acquire comfortable living spaces.

While the business is focused on making money, the Dar Al Arkan chairman also ensures the company is building “houses and apartments in which families are growing. People are building families, and they live in a community.

So this noble target is bigger than just the commercial target of building houses and apartments and making money.”

Apartments are experiencing a first-time boom in popularity throughout Saudi Arabia. According to Yousef Al Shelash, this is a significant change from 15 years ago, when “you would not see any Saudi national living in an apartment.” However, now there is a big trend toward living in apartments. “That has become an acceptable way of living,” he explained.

The modernizing of the market is motivating the shift in living spaces. “The opening up of the markets in terms of becoming more open to the external world, and more open of mixing between men and women — and opening up of so many of the restrictions that were before — allowed more and more people to live in apartments and to reduce the number of fences around the houses, which is really adding a different flair to the city,” stated Al Shelash.

“Because now you see the city as more alive. It is like demolishing these walls, adding more landscape, and seeing more apartment blocks have made the main cities of Saudi Arabia look more alive.”

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