All you need to Know about Naming your Business

by Business 11 June 2020

naming your business

Naming is a special type of activity for selecting names, especially for goods and companies. A successful, harmonious and original name helps to build the brand and position the company clearly. It can be symbolic, distinctive, humorous, serious, vivid and memorable. Creating a company name alone is   quite difficult because it is unique and unique. Don’t have the experience or time to select opportunities and market research? Naming a business is not an easy task. So, the Business name generator does the hard work for you and you just have to choose the best name.

How to think of a company name?

  • The name must correspond to the type of activity and the direction of the work, it must be symbolic.
  • In the development center of children, you can choose a tiny shape, a cool name. However, this is not acceptable for reputable companies and banking structures.
  • The name can consist of several words, a short slogan or a motto – it is always authentic and easier to remember.

How to choose a name using the generator?

Our online generator has thousands of options for profiles and directions. You can choose a category and search by keywords for French cafe, studio, sausage shop, fitness center, cleaning company or taxi service. Just set the number of sentences and select – the generator will give you the original and bright thematic names. The name generator helps you choose. Your company name is now easy to find – use this online name generator. This word generator is suitable for creating names, clans, groups, games and places. Generating the name is now a single button!

Every businessman realizes that the name chosen for a company, store, or mall can affect the further fate of the business. It is often the case that entrepreneurs, from the outset, choose long and unnecessarily complicated names due to their inexperience, which have nothing to do with the direction of the business. Therefore, the question of how to think of a company name and hearing from customers does not lose its relevance.

The target audience evaluates the brand and name for 7 seconds from the date of the first contact. Therefore, you need to find a name that attracts potential customers in such a minimal amount of time.

In parallel, it should include three main criteria:

  • Easy to read and easy to pronounce.
  • Easily remember and rebuild in memory.
  • It does not cause negative memories and emotions. The brand can only evoke positive feelings.

These considerations are the basis for creating a new company name. Whether you’re opening an online store, a flower shop, or a personal blog, your company or name created for production needs to be melodic, memorable, and creative.

In the understanding of the majority, the successful name of a company can simply come to mind in itself. Sometimes a miracle really happens and the founder is taken over by a brilliant idea in the name of his brain.

Any company that deals professionally with naming divides the process into five key steps.


An effective name is not just about inspiration and a beautiful voice. This should be based on the tastes of the target audience and properly characterize the recommended products. For this analysis, the following points must be performed: To choose a name that customers like, you need to understand exactly who your product’s target audience is. What do they like? What to expect from your products? It is important to evaluate the names revealed by competitors. The company name must be different and of course better and more spectacular.

  • A feature of a product or service offered by a company.
  • The basic data related to the company are also important: competitiveness, differences and advantages over organizations in the same direction.

Develop a strategy

In this section, additional frameworks need to be set up to help “sift” the invented names. The business owner should specify the requirements for such items:

  • What language will your name be?
  • Long or short?
  • What style will be in line with the concept of the company (official, comic, etc.)?

Implement strategy

In this section, names are selected that meet the above criteria. It is best to find the name of the company with the help of several people. For example, gather some of the best employees who have extraordinary and creative thinking. Don’t deprive children of attention: often their imaginations work even more productively than adults. Describe a worthy version of all the “names” and then, after “sifting,” to the points specified in step 2.

Test the invented company name

The selected addresses need to be tested in more detail. Pay attention to the following points:

  • How unique (especially important compared to competitors)?
  • Is it easy to remember and write?

The business name must not sound funny or stupid to translate into other languages.

Compliance with the law

Before proceeding with the registration of the chosen name, make sure that it does not violate the requirements of the law.

  • it may not contain the names of states and their derivatives;
  • the title must not infringe religious or national rights and must not contain obscene or inhumane statements;
  • may not contain the names of known associations;
  • you can’t be unanimous with popular brands.

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