Jeff Schwartz: Building Value In The Middle Market 

by Business Development Published on: 19 February 2024 Last Updated on: 23 February 2024

Middle Market

Jeffrey B. Schwartz, founder and managing partner of Corbel Capital Partners, has established himself as a leading figure in the lower middle-market private equity landscape.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Schwartz has carved a distinctive path by championing a value-based investment approach that prioritizes operational excellence and customized capital solutions.

Schwartz’s early career began in investment banking, but his entrepreneurial spirit led him to seek a more hands-on environment. Recognizing the potential for value creation beyond traditional dealmaking, he set his sights on the middle market. He saw within this space a vivid opportunity to collaborate with businesses and thereafter unlock their long-term potential. It helps gain operational improvements and strategic guidance. 

Schwartz replied that he relied on his work ethic, instincts, and team to get an idea off the ground.  Schwartz told Ideamensch, that when he viewed a clear distance or gap in the market, he had to think regarding the access to the companies.  It is both the capital and support and advice that would provide them with their best chance of getting success.

Schwartz also opined that those opportunities were narrow then. He initiated Corbel Capital Partners, so he needed to make a high jump and then point out a largely untapped market. Of course, there is much to bank on the individual experience. But at the same time, he had to bank his instincts to make a kickstart to build the products and services right from scratch. Yes, it is one area where he has quite a focus. 

Corbel Capital Partners: Tailoring Capital To Drive Growth

Tailoring Capital To Drive Growth

Schwartz’s firm — built on his proven track record — quickly gained recognition for its unique focus on value creation. Corbel’s investment strategy revolves around identifying high-potential businesses in sectors like consumer products, health care, and industrials, providing these businesses with bespoke capital structures tailored to their individual needs and growth plans.

This flexibility allows Corbel to cater to a wider range of companies compared to traditional buyout funds, targeting enterprises that may not fit the mold for conventional leveraged buyouts due to size, complexity, or stage of development. But Corbel’s commitment extends beyond financing; they actively partner with their portfolio companies, leveraging their expertise to implement strategic initiatives and drive sustainable growth.

Jeff Schwartz: ‘I Wasn’t Going To Let Anything Stop Me’ 

Corbel Capital Partners’ success speaks volumes about the effectiveness of Schwartz’s value-based approach. The firm boasts a strong track record of delivering attractive returns for its investors while helping portfolio companies achieve significant operational improvements and value creation — in no small part due to Jeff Schwartz’s visionary leadership.

Schwartz replied that his strategy was pinpointing all the time the value of the one in the surroundings. At the same time, he does not believe in taking things at face value.  

It was a big question… a self-explanatory element on why banks hesitated to fund the small business. The ever-increasing regulatory pressures had quite a strong foothold on them. 

This would have been difficult for anyone to pierce through. But that gap was quite real, and he wasn’t looking to be unhinged and fierce from giving the lower middle market and simultaneously making the right opportunity that they reserved.

What Is A Middle Market Firm?

Middle Market Firm

Now that we are discussing middle markets revolving around the story of  Jeff Schwartz, it is important to move through the basics. The central market is the segment of business that operates on a range between $ 10 million and US $1 billion. It depends on the industry where the stakeholders operate. 

There are around twenty thousand middle market firms operating in the competitive markets. Even with the challenges, there is high scope for growth and development. According to a study, the annual revenues of these organizations accumulate to more than $10 trillion. 

Understanding The Middle Market First

These firms have a firm hold on revenue generation and also employment generation. These organizations are accountable for around 48 million jobs in the market. It makes the market robust and sustainable in the long run. This might be another reason that these businesses are getting the investment from different quarters. 

It is a critical sector, and it is significant in creating jobs. With the markets growing quickly, its opportunity is further unfolding. Business organizations, particularly in this sector, health services and education services, contribute significantly to the economy. Significant numbers of construction activities are engaged in manufacturing, retail, and wholesale activities. 

The Main Characteristics of The Middle Markets 

Main Characteristics of The Middle Markets 

Traditionally, the annual revenues turn out to be the key differentiators in this very market. As per the viewpoint of the Harvard Business Review, the middle markets are the ones that have earnings between $10 million and $ 1 billion in annual revenue. Other sources may place a lower threshold, say, as high as around $50 million. Not only this but some experts in the market opine that the definition of middle market firms, in terms of value, may range between 500 and a few other business entities.

Besides the vast opportunities for growth, there are also challenges. This section of the market, as the pundits say, may be under-presented. It points out the opportunities that one may reap.

Most of the big business enterprises are publicly traded companies. They report the financial information quarterly. However, the small entities represent their interests. 

Looking Ahead

As the private equity landscape continues to evolve, with a proven track record, a differentiated approach, and a passionate leader at the helm, Corbel is well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities and continue delivering exceptional value for its investors and portfolio companies.

Schwartz further notified that that time when there are a lot of combatting and tussling views happening right then in finance, it would be not difficult to point out that the outlooks are too positive for the private equity in the European and the Northern American sectors for next year.  But at the same time, we’ve also observed the positions that rallied from far worse at that time.

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