How Can I Choose The Best Virtual Business Address For My Remote Company?

by Business 11 August 2021

Virtual Business Address

If you are an entrepreneur, a small company owner, or someone who enjoys working remotely for their occupation, you might need to come up with a specific building to receive our mail. If you are working from home or using a non-professional building for your office, you need to choose a professional location that can serve as the focal point for your company, the face of your company, and the destination that takes calls and receives mail.

How to choose the best virtual business address for your business

How to choose the best virtual business address for your business

If you work remotely or you have a remote business, you need to choose a logical virtual business address that works for your company. If you work remotely but your business is typically based on serving people in Portland, OR, then don’t choose a business address that is located on the East coast! Instead, choose something that makes sense and is close to the clients you are in touch with.

When you are setting up a virtual business address, which you can find from Opus Virtual Office, you might be thinking – do I need one? Can’t I use my home address? Although this can save some work up front, it can lead to more confusion, unprofessional appearance, and other downsides that will negatively affect your business in the future.

Small business owners that have a remote business will typically start small and work their way upwards. However, the beginning of a business is always tough and faces many setbacks, due to the lack of exposure, lack of funding, lack of profit, and much more. The last thing you want is an unprofessional business address to lower your chances of success.

For companies and entrepreneurs who do not have a physical office address to direct mail and take phone calls, usually, use their home when starting out with opening their company. However, small business owners and remote entrepreneurs need to instead set up a virtual business address for many reasons.

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If you use your home address, there are many downsides:

Lease problems –

with some homes, there are problems with the lease that say it cannot be used for a business. If you own an apartment, rent an apartment, or lease a house, it may say in the contract that you can’t use your place of residence for business and it can get you in legal trouble.

Zoning issues –

The next factor that comes into play when choosing your virtual business address instead of using a home address are the zoning restrictions that can affect your ability to use your house. In some cases, businesses may not be allowed in your area.

Privacy –

The last factor that can influence why you should choose a virtual business address over a home address is privacy concerns. If you mix your personal and private life, this can lead to a breach of data or client privacy.


When deciding if you should use your home address or set up a vital business address as a remote worker, the choice is easy – using a home address has many zoning concerns, privacy issues, and legal issues. Compared to a virtual business address that has a professional appearance, ease of use, and phone system services, a home address is a riskier move.

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