Balance Bitcoin Risks By Building Your Wealth With Gold

by Investing Published on: 02 March 2018 Last Updated on: 22 September 2018

Bitcoin Risks

After Bitcoin took off in a way that’s reminiscent of gold bull runs seen in the late 1970s and throughout the 2000s, there’s no shortage of opinions on whether or not investors should buy gold or Bitcoin. Speculators who buy gold or Bitcoin to profit from huge jumps in price have been lured to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over the past few months because of the astronomical price increases. The price of Bitcoin increased 1,245% in 2017, starting at $997 USD on January 1, 2017, and ending on $13,412 on January 1, 2018. Those kinds of gains garnered a lot of attention from investors, but it’s also labeled Bitcoin as a bubble.

That’s where the difference between Bitcoin and gold come into play. Mainstream gold investing has taken a major turn away from speculators hoping to cash in on a bull run. It’s certainly still possible and nothing suggests that gold couldn’t take off as it has in the past. However, more and more investors buy gold as a way to diversify their portfolio and protect their assets. For the majority of investors, there is no Bitcoin vs. gold debate. They serve very different functions.

Bitcoin is a speculator’s dream while gold is a safe haven. The way gold behaves in relation to currencies and stock markets has made it a very appealing asset as a kind of insurance policy for riskier investments. Here’s what gold offers investors:

Gold is the ultimate hedge against inflation. Many people buy physical gold bullion from gold dealers like Silver Gold Bull because it retains value over centuries.

Gold has a long-running inverse relationship to stock markets. When stocks do poorly, investors flock to gold. No one knows what Bitcoin will do.

Gold is still worth something even when the power goes off. While it’s an extreme view, there is a set of gold investors who invest in the metal because its use as a wealth depository has outlasted civilizations over thousands of years.

Fortunately, gold dealers are joining the growing ranks of businesses that accept Bitcoin payments. At dealers like Silver Gold Bull, you can easily trade Bitcoin for gold bars and gold coins. If you’re ready to get off the Bitcoin rollercoaster, buy gold with Bitcoin. It’s easy to learn about buying gold with Bitcoin and if you want to protect your assets, it’s a smart move.

The trouble with continuing to invest in Bitcoin as prices surge is that all the wealth you’ve made from its rise can evaporate in a matter of days. Private investors and larger funds piled on anyway because of greater fool theory, where investors buy into what they know is a bubble but believe they can sell out before the crash. The problem, that means someone needs to be a greater fool and buy what they’re selling. Instead of gambling such huge gains, it’s time to buy gold and start building your wealth.

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