How To Accept Crypto Payments On Your Website

by Finance Published on: 04 February 2023 Last Updated on: 20 March 2024

Accept Crypto Payments

This article will help you answer the following questions:

How do I accept crypto payments on my website, and what software do I need?

To accept crypto payments on your website can open up a new revenue stream and provide convenience to your customers.

This article will discuss the steps for setting up digital payment processing on your website, including choosing a software provider, integrating the payment system, and ensuring secure transactions. Whether you are a small business owner or an e-commerce giant, these steps will help you accept crypto payments withIf you are a larger player, then ease.

How do I accept crypto payments on my website?

 accept crypto payments on my website

Accepting crypto payments on your website can greatly expand your customer base and make your business more accessible to a global market. The process is relatively straightforward, and there are several steps you can take to get started.

Step 1: Choose a crypto processing service.

The first step in accepting crypto payments on your website is to choose a crypto-acquiring service. It will handle the conversion of digital assets and provide you with a secure platform for storing and processing payments.

When choosing a provider to accept crypto payments on your website, consider factors such as security, fees, customer support, and ease of integration. If you are a larger player, then it might make sense to use a white label payment gateway from Spell for routing and cascading payments between different channels and methods.

Step 2: Integrate a cryptoprocessor.

Once you have selected a software provider, the next step is to integrate a cryptoprocessor into your website. If you want to accept crypto payments on WordPress, you can use plugins for WooCommerce.

Such plugins are responsible for processing payments and transferring funds from the customer’s wallet to your business account. The crypto-acquiring service can assist you with this process and guide you on the best integration method. 

Step 3: Choose cryptocurrencies.

 After integrating the crypto processor, you will need to choose which digital assets to accept. Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, USD Coin, and XRP. However, you may choose to accept multiple assets depending on the capabilities of your crypto-processing service.         

Step 4: Set up a dashboard. 

To accept crypto payments on your website,  set up a dashboard to manage your crypto transactions. This dashboard will provide you with metrics such as the connected terminals’ numbers, balances, fees, etc. It should be easy to use and allow you to track the performance of your crypto payments in real time.      

Step 5: Start accepting crypto payments.

 Finally, once your dashboard is set up, you can start accepting crypto payments on your website. Your customers will be able to choose the cryptocurrency they prefer to use, and the funds will be securely stored in your digital wallet. 

What You Should Accept Crypto Payments On WordPress

Accept Crypto Payments On WordPress

Accepting crypto payments on a WordPress website is a great way to outperform competitors and attract new customers.

Here are a few key components in place:

  • A cryptocurrency wallet to receive payments.
  • Payment processor to handle the conversion of digital assets.
  • A WordPress plugin that allows you to accept crypto payments. 

Benefits of using WordPress plugin

  • Protection of customers’ data:  Crypto transactions through WordPress plugins are complicated to hack because each token has a complex code set. There is no risk of leaking sensitive data as no personal or financial information is stored.         
  •  Lowest fees: Cryptocurrency payments come with lower transaction fees compared to other payment options.         
  • Speed: All transactions are instantaneous, so there are no delays.         
  • Saving of funds: Accepting crypto payments on a WordPress website is an entirely digital and decentralized option, so merchants don’t have to spend money on third-party companies or applications.        
  •  Ability to accept payments worldwide:  The payment systems accessible through the WordPress plugin enable customers to make payments for products from any location worldwide.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what a WordPress cryptocurrency payment gateway is.

Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway — WordPress plugin

Plugins have made life easier for WordPress users by allowing them to add more functionality to their websites. A cryptocurrency payment gateway provides a convenient method for adding various features and tools without requiring any programming skills.

The most popular use of WordPress plugins is the ability to accept crypto payments on a website. Several gateways in the WordPress store allow you to accept payments in various digital assets, including Bitcoin, Tether, USD Coin, and many others.

Popular plugins allowing crypto payments on your website include Woocommerce, CryptoWoo, Digital Playbox, GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway & Paid Downloads & Membership. Whitepay also offers an option to install a cryptocurrency payment gateway for WordPress.

Thanks to Whitepay, you can accept crypto payments to your website in a convenient and secure way. All you need to do is install the plugin, register a Whitepay account, and the crypto payment form will be automatically added to your website. 

Another significant aspect to consider is that while there are many plugins claiming to provide cryptocurrency payment options, it’s advisable to use plugins that receive frequent updates. One such plugin is Whitepay. 

Accept Bitcoin payments on your website

Bitcoin payments

In recent years, several major companies, including Tesla, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Rakuten, have decided to allow customers to pay for their goods and services in Bitcoin. Why are they choosing this cryptocurrency? 

The main benefit of accepting BTC is that it is a secure and convenient payment option. Transactions involving this coin are secured using a powerful encryption method that helps to protect customer’s sensitive data. This also helps to reduce the risk of fraud, as it is much harder for hackers to intercept payment details.

Another benefit of accepting payments in Bitcoin is that it can significantly reduce transaction costs. Businesses can save on fees by eliminating the need to use a third-party payment processor (credit card company or bank). 

Finally, accepting crypto payments on the website allows businesses to tap into a new customer base. Bitcoin users are often looking for brands that accept digital assets. Therefore, businesses willing to accept cryptocurrency can gain access to new customers and potentially increase their revenue. 

With the Whitepay plugin, you can easily and securely accept payments in various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Tether, and over 140 other digital assets. 

The benefits of accepting crypto on your site 

Integrating crypto payments into your business can open the door to rapid growth and development. Your current customers will be delighted with a new, fast, and secure payment method. However, it is important to research local laws to ensure that cryptocurrency is allowed in your region.

Here are the main benefits of accepting crypto payments on your website:

  • A more flexible and faster payment method
  • Access to international markets and audiences
  • Secure transactions
  • No hidden fees
  • Instant withdrawal of funds
  • Low fees
  • Transparency and lack of red tape
  • No risk of chargebacks.

Final Words: Accept Crypto Payments On Your Website With Whitepay

As the world moves towards a digital economy, the benefits of accepting crypto payments on a website are becoming increasingly clear. It is a secure, fast, and cost-effective way to make a profit, and it is being increasingly recognized worldwide.

Entrepreneurs have no time to wait — they must act now and make the most of this opportunity. Integrate crypto acquiring into your website, attract new customers, and stay ahead of the competition.

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