Steriline products: A Review of Intelligent Compounding Systems (ICS)

by Technology 25 September 2019

Intelligent Compounding Systems

Steriline is among the world’s biggest single-source makers and suppliers of modern and on-demand equipment solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. It develops, manufactures, and supplies a variety of equipment used in primary packaging, including mechanical ones and the robotic systems used in aseptic processes.

Ideally, all of the products manufactured by this 30-year-old Italian brand are compatible with the commonly used medicinal and clinical apparatus. From cartridges and syringes to vials and ampoules, all of them are compatible with Steriline products and solutions.

Furthermore, these products are designed to handle all substances used in making medicinal drugs and pills – toxic and non-toxic ones, whether in powder or liquid form. But among all the various specialized equipment that Steriline is known for, Intelligent Compounding Systems (ICS) are possibly the most popular.

About Intelligent Compounding Systems (ICS)

Just as the name suggests, ICS is a smart, software-controlled, and fully-automated robotic solution that are mixtures of parenteral medication doses into their respective containers. This equipment does its work, ensuring that the compounds specifically end up in their eventual containers and within a regulated environment.

One of the greatest features of Steriline’s Intelligent Compounding System is the underlying isolator technology it’s built on. Isolator technology includes a bio-decontamination system designed with its proprietary H2O2 sterilization technology. It’s because of this that ICS can be installed in a Grade D (ISO Class 8) room.

Amazingly, this ICS system comfortably handles both the hazardous as well as non-hazardous medications. It also suits an industrial-scale drug production as well as mild, patient-specific needs. Basically, it can be used in any hospital, including a health clinic, as well as in a large compounding institution.

Uses of Intelligent Compounding Systems (ICS)

It is, however, to mention that regardless of how it’s used, this Intelligent Compounding System can perform a plethora of tasks without a human’s assistance.

It can:

  • Sterilize medical equipment using vaporized H2O2 before any compounding cycle starts.
  • Calculate the weight and volume based on the mixture and concentration-specific information.
  • Mix the right amount of powder drugs with the right amount of fluid.
  • Dilute powder and mix it to the right concentration.
  • Empty off liquid from bottles and bags.
  • Pour mixture into syringes, I.V., bags and elastomeric infusers.
  • Handle waste and byproducts.

Among the assortment of equipment Steriline offers are washing machines, filling and capping machines, depyrogenation tunnels, and capping machines. It also deals in external decontamination machines and popular LAF, oRABS, cRABS barrier systems.

Safety Concerns: Patients and Health Practitioners

Even with its revolutionary look, ICS can be regarded as totally safe equipment for everyone. As stipulated by its manufacturer, the best safety practices on its use are:

  • Restricted access – authorized personnel only.
  • Isolation technology guarantees zero exposure.
  • The ingenious automated waste management system.
  • Design that stops contamination.
  • Safe, fool-proof user identification – based on barcode readers, vision systems, and RFID technology.
  • RFID technology ensures guaranteed traceability.

Quality and Sustainability

As a premier, single-source maker and supplier of modern equipment solutions, Steriline lays lots of emphasis on quality, longevity, and overall customer satisfaction. It has the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 and the 2018 ISO 9001:2015 both earned in 2008 and 2015 respectively.

The two internationally-recognized certifications highlight the core operating principles that govern the company, especially on quality and sustainability. Further, Steriline operates with well-defined production processes and organizational frameworks and has continuously worked hard to boost overall customer satisfaction.

Steriline is also a full cGMP, GAMP and 21 CFR, Part11 compliant company. The company’s tools and operations are not only environmentally sustainable but also exhibit their emphasis on protecting the environment. Basically, all of its activities are within the laid-down regulations on sustainable use of the environmental and the natural resources.

Final Thoughts:

Because of this tool’s effectiveness in all compounding-related activities, you will find it both in hospitals and within fully-fledged compounding institutions. In fact, specialists rely on ICS to help prepare appropriate injections or label finished medical products according to laid-down requirements.

In conclusion, there’s no doubt Intelligent Compounding System, a fully automatic Steriline system by Steriline, comes in handy in various compounding tasks. The tool’s isolator technology plus the incorporated bio-decontamination system and its smart, hands-off operating model makes it an incredible machine.

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