How the Fast-Food industry Works

Origins of Fast Food

The fast food phenomenon evolved from drive-in restaurants built in southern California in the early 1940s. These restaurants allowed people to order and eat without leaving their vehicles. Richard and Maurice McDonald redesigned their drive-in restaurant, creating the Speedee Service System. This system streamlined food preparation, making it faster and more efficient.

Ingredients Sourcing

The first and most important step that goes in making this delicious fast food that you eat is sourcing the right ingredients from suppliers across the world. Farms provide them with meat, vegetables and grains.

Food Preparation

When it comes to preparing food, the kitchens follow a very standardized process and recipes. High-speed cooking methods (frying, grilling) reduce wait times and assembly lines streamline production.

Marketing and Branding

Lastly, marketing the food plays a vital role in ensuring that people know about the brand. Aggressive advertising targets specific demographics. Iconic logos and slogans build recognition. And social media plays a massive role as well!